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In this episode, in a round about way, Cecilie tries to explain a movie that may or may not have anything to do with daylight savings time. Cecilie shares big and exciting news (brace yourself). Hanny...
March 12, 2019
In this episode, Hanny and Nicole talk about their master plan to crash a wedding. They share some confessions and discuss that stage in a relationship when using the bathroom is just awkward and you ...
March 6, 2019
In this episode we discuss zombie deer and what that really means. We also talk about what dating is like in high school these days and about Andrew's relationship with a pistachio.
February 16, 2019
We are back!!! On this episode we discuss what we have been up to the last few weeks.  Someone still has their Christmas decorations up, we talk about a fake baby, and we realize that we know, well, ...
February 11, 2019
In this RxTx Christmas edition episode we talk about the best and worst Christmas gifts and play a Holiday trivia game! 
December 21, 2018
In this episode we talk about our adventures in Panama and all the times we feared for our lives while there. In conclusion, we plan to go back. 
December 13, 2018
In this episode we catch you up on our personal lives! Grace, Cecilie, and Nicole blab, I mean talk, Broadway. We also play the Hygge game and answer our very first listener question! 
December 7, 2018
In this episode we talk about winning the lotto. Did one of us win the Mega Millions Jackpot?! Hanny shares a story that makes Cecilie believe in “signs” from the universe. 
October 26, 2018
Have you ever seen a ghost? In this episode we talk about our own personal ghost stories. We also talk about "referred itch".
October 18, 2018
In this special edition episode from Iceland, Hanny and Grace talk about their current trip. Did they finally see the Northern lights? Grace hogs the bed and Hanny is compared to a rotisserie chicken....
October 13, 2018

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